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With Unlocked Hearts Matchmaking

Unlocked Hearts Matchmaking is a matchmaking service that helps individuals find their perfect match. The service is tailored to the unique needs of each client, taking into consideration factors such as personal preferences, lifestyle, and relationship goals. The service includes a thorough initial consultation to get to know the client, as well as a personalized search for compatible matches. Once matches are found, the service helps facilitate introductions and provides support throughout the dating process.

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June Summer Package

Summer is here and it's all about love. Choose one of our uniquely designed packages to go from single to matching pajamas. Don't delay, find your soulmate today!

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Master the Art of Dating with Our Expert Training

Invest in yourself by signing up for Juanita's Dating Masterclass! This class is designed to help you in your dating and relationship journey.

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The Keys To Intentional Dating

Dating with intention allows you to make better choices and use your time wisely throughout the dating process. In this eBook you will receive:

  • 30+ pages of in-depth analysis of intentional dating

  • Ways to properly set dating goals 

  • Compatibility

  • And more.



At Unlocked Hearts Matchmaking we make finding love simple and easy. Matchmaking is a great option for everyone looking to take a different approach to dating and finding love that leads to marriage. Unlocked Hearts Matchmaking takes the ease out of finding your true love. We have a simple five step process.

1. Apply

2. Personal Interview

3. Search

4. Match

5. Date

We want you to relax and enjoy the process of dating once you receive your high-quality matches. Schedule a session today and start the journey to finding your true love.

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